Abigail Smith

Abigail Smith

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Winthrop Harbor, IL



“Carthage has been instrumental in shaping my artistic journey and providing me with the skills and knowledge I need to pursue my dreams in the art world. 我对未来和未来的可能性感到兴奋.”

Abigail Smith, ’25

Career goal

“After I graduate, I have ambitious plans to venture into the world of muralism and take my artistic pursuits to a grand scale. I aim to continue working on larger projects that allow me to make a significant visual impact and create art 这在更深层次上引起了人们的共鸣. 通过我的壁画作品, I aim to inspire others to use their artistic voice to bring attention to important topics and issues they are passionate about.

“I plan to further my education and pursue a Master of Fine Arts in Studio Art and Art History and a Doctorate in Art History! This advanced degree will deepen my understanding of art theory and history and enrich my artistic practice.

“最终,我的长期愿望是成为一名艺术策展人或艺术教授. As a curator, 我计划策划展示不同观点和当代问题的展览, 创造挑战和激励观众的空间. Additionally, as an art professor, I aim to share my passion for art with others and foster a new generation of artists who can use their creativity to influence positive change in society.”


“The Carthage faculty have played a profound role in shaping my college experience and charting my academic journey. 当我大一开始的时候,我最初网投信用最好平台的是 biology major with a pre-health 由外部压力和期望引起的集中. However, the remarkable faculty members guided me towards my true passions and helped me find my authentic path.

“通过她的丙烯绘画课程, Diane Levesque教授 成为了我进入艺术世界的催化剂. 她培养了我的创造力,鼓励我探索内心的激情. 她的指导让我意识到,我一直渴望网投信用最好平台艺术.

“Similarly, 乔金·凡·温克尔教授 在我成为艺术家的过程中扮演了重要的角色. 她的指导帮助我打破了自己的壳,拓宽了我的艺术视野. Her kindness and support were particularly crucial during challenging times with my family’s health. Professors Jojin and Professor Ryan P. Miller 在我参与的 本科生暑期研究经历(SURE). 与教授紧密合作. 米勒是我的荣幸,他的理解和积极在我的生命中留下了不可磨灭的印记. 我们的关系超越了学术范畴, 让我们可以就不同的话题进行对话, 营造一个舒适和相互支持的环境.

Jose Avalos教授 也起到了关键作用. 他的指导推动我走向混合媒体,鼓励我跳出思维定势. 他的善良和我们迷人的谈话总是一个亮点. 他对学生成功的真诚关怀确实鼓舞人心. 我非常感激他对我作为学生和艺术家的影响.

“Additionally, 金伯利·格林教授的 对我生活的影响是变革性的. 作为她陶瓷工作室的助手之一, 我获得了实用技能,并与她建立了深厚的联系. 这种联系使我能够与其他教师和学生互动, 建立了一个丰富我大学生活的关系网. Thanks to Prof. Greene, I had the incredible opportunity to connect with folks in the art world and donors during the Russian Soviet Art Exhibition.”

Favorite class

“Without a doubt, 我在网投信用最好平台最喜欢的课是油画, 而这一切都要感谢和教授的美妙经历. Miller. 他的课堂气氛非常悠闲,这让参加他的课程成为一种乐趣. Prof. 米勒一直鼓励我走出自己的舒适区, 使班级真正特别,并导致显著的艺术成长. 在他的指导下,探索油画颜料及其媒介的世界是一次有趣的发现之旅. 同样给我带来快乐的还有我的同学, 谁很容易联系并形成一个支持性的社区. 我们在工作室之外也有着密切的联系, cheering each other on and creating a fun and collaborative environment that enhanced the learning experience. Overall, 这门课程作为一门技能培养课程而引人注目, artistic exploration, 还有一种团聚的感觉,让每一次会面都令人难忘.”

Campus involvement

“我对各种俱乐部和组织的参与丰富了我在网投信用最好平台的时光. 我是一个骄傲的成员 Art Club 和“最好的朋友”,但我的主要关注点和活动一直是在艺术俱乐部. Being a part of the Art Club has allowed me to connect with students who share the same passion for creativity and self-expression. 通过俱乐部的活动, 我有机会与有才华的同事一起合作和学习. These experiences have not only fostered my growth as an artist but have also provided a platform to engage with the broader artistic community on campus.”

Toughest class

“对我来说,网投信用最好平台最难的课程绝对是 Chemistry. 我要同时应付几门课程,这对我来说是一个真正的挑战. 平衡所有这些需求可不是开玩笑的. 然而,我很幸运地拥有 Professor Sarah Snow as my instructor. 她是一个真正的支持系统. 她努力引导我完成我感到困惑的部分,这种支持对我来说意义重大. 化学可能是一场斗争,但有教授. 雪的帮助使旅程不那么令人生畏了.”


“从大二开始,我就有幸成为陶瓷工作室的助理, 我也有机会参加SURE 2023, 代表艺术学科. 作为教授的助理. Greene, 我承担了一系列重要的责任, 包括混合粘土, 开发釉料和滑片, 整理工作室用品, managing inventory, 保证窑室的顺利运行, 补充材料. It’s been a hands-on experience that’s given me a deeper understanding of the practical aspects of ceramics and studio management.

“此外,网投信用最好平台的SURE是我旅程中重要的一部分. This program invites students from all majors to engage in intensive full-time research alongside professors. 就我而言,由于专注于艺术,我一直在与教授密切合作. 米勒在夏天. My project has involved creating four impactful paintings centered around the theme of gun violence in schools. 我的目的不仅是提高人们对这一关键问题的认识, but also to educate others about the preventable crisis plaguing children and young adults in the United States.

“Both my role as an assistant and my involvement in SURE 2023 have allowed me to delve deeper into my major and gain practical experience that complements my academic studies. These opportunities have expanded my horizons and provided me with invaluable insights into the world of art and research.”


“在网投信用最好平台,我很幸运地抓住了其他几个机会. 一个令人兴奋的冒险是我即将担任的角色 gallery 助理,与教授密切合作. Miller. This new avenue promises to deepen my understanding of the art world and offer fresh perspectives on curating and managing exhibitions. Moreover, I’ve had the privilege of being selected to participate in the Annual Juried Art Show since my freshman year. This annual event, 每年春天举行, not only showcases my work but also connects me with fellow artists and allows me to contribute to the vibrant artistic community at Carthage. 这些机会丰富了我的大学经历, 为我提供了多种参与艺术的平台, broaden my skill set, 并与教授和同龄人建立有意义的联系.”


“I’m incredibly thankful for the support I’ve received from Carthage and the generous donors who have contributed to my academic journey. 我很幸运地获得了好几项奖学金, 包括网投信用最好平台学术荣誉基金, Aspire和董事补助金, 以及各种捐助者资助的助学金和奖学金, 比如达雷尔R. and Karen L. 威尔逊捐赠奖学金. Receiving these scholarships has been a tremendous blessing that has allowed me to pursue my academic aspirations and career dreams without the burden of financial constraints. It’s given me the freedom to focus on my studies and dedicate myself wholeheartedly to my artistic endeavors. 我决心充分利用这次机会,在学业上取得优异成绩. 由于我得到的支持,我可以继续发展成为一名艺术家. 我渴望探索各种艺术媒介,钻研社会不公正的话题. 我的抱负扩展到从事更大的项目, including muralism, 什么能让我通过我的艺术产生大胆的影响. 凭借我的技能, 我希望不仅提高自己的艺术实践, 但也要激励其他人解决并提高对他们热衷的问题的认识. In essence, these scholarships have not only lightened my financial load but have also provided me with the means to strive for excellence and make a meaningful contribution through my art. 我非常感谢网投信用最好平台和捐助者对我的信任和投资.”


网投信用最好平台一直是难忘时刻和珍贵回忆的中心. One standout memory is the time I had the incredible opportunity to explore Art EXPO 2023 at Navy Pier in Chicago. 这次活动绝对是一个亮点, 让我对艺术世界有了一个迷人的一瞥. 参观2023年艺术博览会是一次令人敬畏的经历. The chance to witness some of the world’s biggest galleries and immerse myself in an array of artistic expressions was truly captivating. 这次活动让我加深了对多元而充满活力的艺术景观的理解, 它在我的艺术旅程上留下了不可磨灭的印记. 这一刻不仅扩大了我的视野,也点燃了我对艺术的热情. 它提醒我们,在创意领域有无限的可能性和机会等待着我们. 这段记忆概括了我在网投信用最好平台经历的精髓——一种探索的融合, discovery, 也是对艺术变革力量的庆祝.”


“除了绘画工作室,我经常去的地方一定是公园附近的地方 Kissing Rock on campus. 这是一片宁静的地方,我可以沉浸在盛开的花朵的美丽中, 感受阳光照在脸上的感觉, 听海浪拍打岩石的柔和声音. 这个宁静的角落让我体会到新鲜空气和大自然拥抱的简单快乐.”


“The most significant surprise of my college journey has been wholeheartedly pursuing my passion in the arts. 我非常感激现在有机会踏上这段艺术之旅. Realizing that I’m actively following my passion has been a remarkable and unexpected turn of events that has enriched my college experience beyond measure.”


“My 8-year-old self would be bursting with excitement and joy to see that I’m genuinely following my heart and flourishing as an art student. The realization that I’ve embraced my passion and transformed it into my studies and career path would undoubtedly fill my younger self with immense pride and anticipation for the creative journey ahead.”

为什么其他学生会考虑你的专业? 你对他们有什么建议?

“At Carthage, 我们的艺术课程是灵感的中心,教师们对你的成功充满热情. 他们不仅仅是老师,还是导师,他们会打开你的眼睛,让你看到新的信念和观点. 这个专业提供了一个创造性的盛宴. 在工作室艺术,你会释放你的艺术声音在不同的媒介. 艺术史将带你踏上一段穿越时空的旅程,揭开艺术品背后的故事. 它们一起激发了对艺术本质的深刻理解. 有爱心的教师在你身边,你将导航这一艺术之旅. 记得去探索,好好管理你的时间(便利贴) & planners are a must!),与同学合作,并从课堂之外汲取灵感. In a nutshell, 网投信用最好平台的工作室艺术和艺术史让你融合创造力, critical thinking, 和文化意识在一个独特的和支持性的环境. It’s not just a major; it’s an adventure.”

Why Carthage?

“我与网投信用最好平台的联系始于我很小的时候,当时我的一个阿姨在学院工作. 我五六岁的时候,她常常照看我, 和她一起参观校园给我留下了美好的回忆. 这是命运的安排, a few years later, 我加入了当地的指挥棒旋转队, the Razzle Dazzles, 我们每年都有幸参加网投信用最好平台返校游行. 带着这些经历以及我一生中对网投信用最好平台的积极接触, 我知道我在网投信用最好平台有家的感觉.

“此外,我选择网投信用最好平台是因为它的地理位置,非常独特 art program,以及学院培养的紧密联系的社区. 你是否有兴趣 arts, sciences, business, or any other field, 网投信用最好平台提供各种各样的主修和辅修课程, 提供充足的机会去网投信用最好平台你的激情和智力发展.

“我选择网投信用最好平台的一个重要原因是它离家近. 我是一个超级顾家的人,照顾好我的家人是我的头等大事. 所以,能够在学习的时候和他们呆在一起对我来说是件大事. Being a commuter has worked out great because I get the best of both worlds — quality education and being there for my family when they need me. 这是一个双赢的局面! 网投信用最好平台在学生、教师和工作人员中培养了强烈的社区意识.”